Instant Inspection

instantinspection.jpg is a one-stop, mobile-friendly website that enables users to connect to any smartphone in the field so that hi-definition pictures and videos can be shared in real-time.  Think Snapchat, but built for business so you can better communicate with customers, vendors, and partners in the field.


  • Web app that easily allows you to connect to a customer’s or partner’s smartphone so you see pictures and videos captured in real-time and can collaborate remotely 
  • No software to install
  • Works on any type of smartphone on any carrier, users just to need to be connected to the internet
  • Ideal for many inspection and customer service situations where seeing what is happening in the field is helpful; great alternative to streaming services which are not reliable
  • Can be configured to allow inbound or outbound requests for inspections 
  • Brand with your logo and messaging
  • Customize pre-loaded scripts and tutorial visuals
  • Maps and records the location of the inspection
  • 24X7 user support
  • All photos, videos, and the chat transcript are securely stored for up to 7 years


  • Your customer service representative (CSR) sends a text link to the smartphone they want to connect with
  • The smartphone user clicks the link and is immediately connected to the CSR
  • The CSR and Smartphone user can talk over the phone or chat via text and share HD pictures and videos in real-time.  
  • A transcript of what was said and shared is available to both parties once complete.
  • All images, videos, and other information collected are stored securely for up to 7 years 


See how insurance companies are using Instant Inspection to improve their customer service while lowering their costs:

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