Self-Service Apps

OnSource Self-Service Apps

OnSource’s suite of self-service smartphone and web applications were designed to simplify the process of collecting visual information required for inspections by empowering the customer to participate in the process.

Leveraging a unique combination of technology and service, our process guarantees success. By putting the power in the customer’s hands to quickly submit inspection information while OnSource validates report accuracy and quality, claims move through the process more efficiently and more economically than ever before. 


  • Apps for vehicle or property claims, flood inspections and many more, smartphone (iPhone and Android) or web accessible
  • Look and feel can be customized with your messaging and branding
  • Customer receives step-by-step visual guidance and 24/7 "tap-to-call" support from every screen
  • All photos are date and time stamped; latitude/longitude stamped for location validation
  • In addition to photos, includes up to 30 seconds of HD video for an unparalleled remote view
  • Quality assurance check performed on each inspection for improved estimate accuracy
  • Share estimates or appraisals back with customer after inspection is complete
  • Provide customer with options for repair or to settle their claim and request payment
  • No IT support needed to get started


Accessible via a smartphone or the web, the suite of self-service apps offer customers simple step-by-step instructions on how to correctly submit vehicle or property claims, and more, inspection information along with capturing and uploading vital photo and video files.

And because an OnSource Quality Assurance professional quickly handles any necessary troubleshooting directly with the customer, you know that each completed report you receive will be right the first time, every time.


  • Immediately following your OnSource service request, eligible customers receive a text or email message from us to access and download the app via their smartphone or the web
  • Customers follow the simple step-by-step instructions to input claim info and upload photos and video from their smartphone or digital camera
  • An OnSource specialist quality checks all report uploads and directly troubleshoots with customers to ensure accurate and complete submissions
  • Inspection reports are quickly published and submitted to a licensed appraiser (either yours or ours, you choose) for estimate generation


No more back and forth between your claim reps and customers. OnSource Quality Assurance professionals perform audits on every report and work with the customer directly to correct any errors or omissions including:

  • Missing required photos (i.e. VIN, odometer, specific damage images)
  • Date/time and location validation
  • Unacceptable photos (blurry, bad angles, wrong size)
  • Incomplete written descriptions

Following the OnSource quality audit, a completed inspection report will be sent to you for estimate generation or documentation. Quick, efficient and cost effective.

Would you like to chat more about how OnSource can help your customers self-serve to improve your inspection process? Call or email us at, we’ll walk you through it.

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